Live a Guilt & Regret Free Life.

Learn how to handle your stress causing guilt, Anxiety and Depression and live a BALANCED LIFESTYLE in just 90 days.

About Me Hey! I'm Abhishek Ranjan

I’m a graduate in computer science. With a deep inclination toward the Quantum Healing, Modern Science, Psychology & NLP and having 4 years of experiences , I’m on a mission to help 100,000 working professionals get a Regret & Guilt free life and live a BALANCED LIFESTYLE. I am the founder of Lifestyle Healing Hub. 

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I am on a mission to help 100,000 individuals get out of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, guilt & regret and live a peaceful and balanced lifestyle. I am also on a mission to create 100,000 Lifestyle coaches, to help millions of people collectively.


Neuro Linguistic Programing

I heard NLP back in 2016 and started collecting information about NLP. In 2019 I did my NLp practitioner program and applied all the techniques on myself. I got amazing results and cured my depression, nightmares, negative self talks. then i did my Super advance NLP from renowned NLP coaches also.


Lifestyle Healing

After applying effective NLP techniques on numbers of people and getting positive results, I founded this community in 2022 with the aim of helping people to cennect them with their true potential and create Lifestyle coaches, so that we can help millions of people as a community.

The Lifestyle Healing Hub

Creating A Balanced Lifestyle For the New World.

Audit your Lifestyle

Get a personal audit sheet and you will be able to know the current lifestyle in the webinar while you are in the webinar itself.

Break Disempowering Beliefs.

Find the internal rejections which stops you in taking actions.

Redesign your Future

Learn how to achieve first goal within 90 days.

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This community is built with love! Our focus is to help you get results.

He is a creative coach. His approach is to the point, crisp and direct with no nonsense attitude.That 's exactly draws me to his webinar. He is the master of his field because after attending his course, I realized, He has done lots of research in his own field before curating his offerings.

Carmen Velasco VP of Marketing

In ONE WORD, I CAN DEFINE YOU AS A FATECHANGER, You are awesome, My Mission is clear I am Building a System to Transform the Traditional Business Model into Automation Business! Learning from you is a Blessing, Every day Learning from you and growing!

Micheal Murphy Founder & CEO

Excellent community! Everything you need to know your set up and run your digital based knowledge business is available in ILH. Highly recommend ut to anyone who wants to succeed in the online world! Thank you Siddharth for the wonderful course.

Alyana Thomson Product Lead

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